The practice of our Sangha is the practice of mindfulness.  At our group meetings we practice mindfulness of breathing and walking meditation followed by a recitation.  Once a month we recite the 5 Mindfulness trainings (see Schedule).  At other times we may recite a Sutra from the Buddhist texts or practice Beginning Anew, Tea Meditation or Joyful Singing.  This is followed by a Dharma Discussion.

Once a month, the Ottawa members of the Order of Interbeing recite the 14 Mindfulness Trainings (see Schedule).  Everyone is welcome!

Our Sangha is not limited to practitioners alone, but extends to all people who have a close interaction with us in our daily life such as spouses, loved ones, and friends. When one of our extended sangha members is in situation of sorrow or joy, we lend our support in the best way we can.

We cherish all contributions in the Sangha. By one's very presence in the Sangha, he or she contributes the energy of practicing minfulness. If one chooses to be silent, this also is a contribution.

For common work and Sangha decision making, we practice mindful consensus. We practice looking with Sangha eyes to enhance our views on events and on people. When appropriate, we look for guidance from those who have been appointed as mentors and advisors by Thay from within the monastic and Order of Interbeing community.

For further details on the practices in this tradition, please refer to the The Manual of Practice Handbook of the UK Community of Interbeing.