******************************** OTTAWA *****************************

Buddha's Light International Association (BLIA), Ottawa Chapter
Address: 886 Somerset St. West, Ottawa, Ontario, K1R 6R7.
Tel./fax: 613 236 7743

Focus: Mahayana Pureland and Ch'an schools teachings.
Monthly gathering for ceremonial practices.
Language used: Mandarin, Cantonese, and Taiwanese only for now.


The Buddhist Society Of Canada
Bayswater Dr,Ottawa
E Mail- cm686@freenet.carleton.ca
Established in the,Theravada Buddhist tradition. Open everyday.


Chittamani Mahayana Meditation Centre
Contact: Bob Kapitany
Tel: 613-728-5416
Submitted: 95-01-02

The centre follows the Tibetan Buddhist school Gelug-ta. It offers
meditation instruction and has a regular program of retreats.


Name: Crystal Staff
Address: PO Box 1006, Station B
Ottawa, ON
K1P 5R1
Contact: crystalstaff@crystalstaff.org
URL: http://www.crystalstaff.org
Telephone: 238-6511
Date (y-m-d) updated: 2002-4-19

Focus: Crystal Staff is part of a network of groups around the
world established by a native Torontonian, Namgyal Rinpoche,
who has blended traditional Tibetan and Burmese Buddhism with
western esoteric teachings. Crystal Staff periodically brings
teachers to Ottawa for periods of a few days to a few weeks.


Joyful Land Buddhist Centre
879 Somerset Street West
Ottawa, ON
Canada K1R 6R6 (613) 234-4347 Call anytime
Focus: A member of the New Kadampa Tradition, the Centre has a beautiful
meditation room where evening & weekend classes on Buddhist thought and
meditation, pujas (chanted prayers), and retreats are held.

Special classes are being offered in Centretown and Kanata.

Email: info@meditateinottawa.org
Web Site: http://www.meditateinottawa.org/  
> West, .

Name: Ottawa Buddhist Society
Address: 29 Melanie Cres. Kanata, Ontario, K2L 2E4
Contact: E-mail/FAX: obs_secretary@yahoo.ca
Phone:(613) 831-1972
Web Site: http://www.ottawabuddhistsociety.com

Focus: The OBS focuses primarily on Buddhist teachings in the Theravadin
tradition as practised in Sri Lanka, Thailand and Burma.
Date (Y-M-D) submitted: 99-07-25

Additional information:
Serves Theravada Buddhists of all nationalities in and around Ottawa
- Monthly Day of Mindfulness
- Occasional weekend and longer retreats
PUBLICATION: Quarterly Newsletter/magazine. New feature (Aug 99): Questions to a Monk Column by Ajahn Sona of Birken Buddhist Forest Monastery
SPIRITUAL MENTORS: Bhante Gunaratana (Bhavana Society), Ajahn Viradhammo (Amaravati), Bhante Rahula (Bhavana), Ajahn Sona (Birken)


Name: Sangha Arana
Address: 595 Montreal Road, Ground Floor (just east of St. Laurent Blvd.
Contact: Lynette Monteiro
Email: omc@travel-net.com
Phone: 745-5366
Web Site: http://www.geocities.com/marishishuten/SanghaArana.html
Sangha Arana is a community, primarily of healthcare professionals,
dedicated to two aspirations:

We aspire to create a space that is safe and open for all
practitioners who wish to nourish and deepen their capacity for
caring, not only for others but for themselves.

We aspire to deepen a practice of engaged health care
through which compassion, equanimity, lovingkindness, and joy can
be the source of nourishment and restorative healing for ourselves,
our families, and our patients/clients.

Our practice is inspired by the Vietnamese Zen teacher Thich Nhat
Hanh and encouraged by the teachings of other mindfulness teachers.

Sangha meets weekly on Tuesdays from 6:00 - 8:00 PM.

Name: Ottawa Pagoda Sangha
Contact: Vinh Nguyen
Email: vinhduynguyen66@gmail.com
Web Site: http://pagodasangha.org
The Ottawa Pagoda Sangha is a community of mindful living
located in Ottawa. We come together to support each other on
the path of practice following the Buddhist teachings of the
Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh.

The Dharmacarya (Dharma teacher) of this Sangha is Chan Ngo (Vinh Nguyen)
who was ordained as a member of the core community of the Order of Interbeing
in 1987 and received the Lamp Transmission from Thay Nhat Hanh in
1994 in Plum Village, France.

Shambala Centre
982 Wellington at Bayswater
Ottawa ON K1Y 2X8
Tel: 613-725-9321
Web: http://www.shambhala.org/center/ottawa

Dharmadhatu teaches Tibetan Buddhism as taught by the late Chogyam Trungpa

For local and international information on Vipassana Meditation in the tradition of
S N Goenka go to the following site: www.dhamma.org


Soka Gakkai International (SGI)
Tel: (613) 232-1100
Updated: 97-05-02
Web: http://www.sgicanada.ca

Soka Gakkai is a mahayana practice based on the teachings of the
Japanese priest, Nichiren Daishonin (1222-1282). The basic practice is
chanting in order to awaken our Buddha nature.


Pagoda Sangha
Tel:(613) 747-9096
Contact: Vinh Nguyen
Last update: 22 Nov 2002

This group practices at Tu-An Pagoda (which is a Vietnamese Buddhist
Temple located on Albion Road at Bank). Every Sunday afternoon,
from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm, there are sitting meditation sessions at the
Temple. The first hour is usually dedicated to sitting, walking, and
mindful exercise meditation. Dharma discussions usually take place
during the second hour
with subjects based on Buddhist teachings. The discussions are in
English. Sometimes we replace the discussions by other activities
such as tea, cookies and friendly chat or joyful practice songs or
recitations of sutras and the Five Mindfulness Trainings. The group
inspires on the practice as taught by the Vietnamese Zen Master
Thich Nhat Hanh (link : www.plumvillage.org )


White Wind Zen Community
240 Daly Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario K1N 6G2

(613) 562-1568
Web site: http://www.wwzc.org
email: info@wwzc.org

White Wind Zen community teaches Soto Zen. Every 1st Saturday of the
month there is an introduction to Zen practice, by appointment only.

********************************* MONTREAL ********************************

The Rigpe Dorje Center / Le Centre Rigpe Dorje
5145 Décarie Boulevard, Montreal (Qc) H3W 3C2, Canada

514-485-8886 - fax: 514-842-8605


 Fondi par Son Eminence Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpochi
Phone: (514) 272-1372; fax: (514) 842-8605
Directrice: Judy Cutler, RigpeDorjeMtl@NetAxis.qu.ca
Coordonnatrice: Rosalinde Bertin
Chargies de la programmation: Catherine Kissel and Stiphanie Colvey

Jangchub Choling (Le Temple Bouddhiste de Montreal)
1870 Avenue de l'Eglise
Gary Young, Joan Scott
Tel: (514) 765-3515
E-mail/FAX: dgould@aix1.uottawa.ca

Focus: This is a temple of the Gelugpa lineage of Tibetan buddhism. Classes
in french and english are given on the meditations of "The Stages of the
Path to Enlightenment". Initiations, teachings, and retreats on tantric
practice occur annually. The temple is very happy to announce the arrival of


Montreal Shambhala Centre

460 Ste-Catherine St. West, Suite 510
Montreal, QC H3B 1A7 Canada
Phone: 514 397-0115
Fax: 514 948-3003
Email: centre-montreal@shambhala.org
Director: Benoât C·t/ / Elise De Coster

Focus: The Montreal Shambhala Centre's activities are based on the
practice of shamatha meditation which awakens opur mindfulness and
cultivates our basic goodness. Therre gates are open to the public:
1) Dharmadhatu, gate to the Tibetan Buddhist path in the Kaggyu
lineage, 2) Shambhala Training, gate to The Sacred Path of the
Warrior and 3) Nalanda, gate to the path of Contemplative Arts and
Education. The Centre offers meditation sessions, public classes,
talks and special events.

Date (Y-M-D) submitted:96-4-4


This is by no means a complete list of all available groups. If you know
of any changes and/or other Buddhist organizations/meditation groups who
would like to be listed here, kindly let me know with the following format:

Date (Y-M-D) submitted:

Andre Vellino, an386@freenet.carleton.ca