22. Hell

He who speaks untruth goes to hell, as does he who, having done something, says, "I didn't do it." Men of ignoble behaviour, they both end up the same in the next world. 306

Many of those dressed in the yellow robe are evil and unrestrained, and the evil end up in hell because of their evil deeds. 307

It is better to swallow a red-hot, flaming iron ball than for an unrestrained and immoral person to eat the alms food of the land. 308

The thoughtless man who consorts with another man's wife encounters four things - accumulation of demerit, disturbed sleep, thirdly disgrace, and hell fourth. 309

Accumulation of demerit, a bad rebirth and the slight pleasure of a frightened man and a frightened woman - while the authorities impose a severe penalty too. Therefore a man should not consort with another man's wife. 310

In the same way that a wrongly handled blade of grass will cut one's hand, so a badly fulfilled life in religion will drag one down to hell. 311

Lax behaviour, broken observances and dubious chastity - these are on no great benefit. 312

If it ought to be done, then do it; apply yourself to it strenuously. A lax man of religion just spreads even more dust. 313

A bad action is best left undone. One is punished later for a bad action. But a good deed is best done, for which one will not be punished for doing it. 314

Guard yourself like a frontier town, guarded inside and out. Don't let a moment slip you by. Those who have missed their opportunity grieve for it when they end up in hell. 315

Ashamed of what is not a matter for shame, and not ashamed of what is, by holding to wrong views people go to a bad rebirth. 316

Seeing danger where there is no danger, and not seeing danger where there is, by holding to wrong views people go to a bad rebirth. 317

Seeing a fault in what is not a fault, and not seeing a fault in what is, by holding to wrong views people go to a bad rebirth. 318

Recognising a fault as a fault, and what is not a fault as not one, by holding to right views people go to a good rebirth. 319