Frequently Asked Questions About Meditation

(adapted from the "alt.meditation FAQ")


What is meditation?
How is meditation different from relaxation, thinking,concentration or self-hypnosis?
What are the different meditation techniques?
Which is right for me?
Is there any religious implication or affiliation with meditation?
Does meditation have any ethical implications?


What are the abc's of meditation?
What is the best time of day to meditate?
Should I meditate with my eyes open or with my eyes closed?
What are the physiological effects of meditation?
When I meditate I experience physical pain in my body. What should I do?
I have a sinus problem yet I understand that breath is a cornerstone of meditation. Any suggestions for alternative meditation instructions.
Is there any method or meditation that isn't centered on breath so I can help me to breath better and meditate more efficiently?
How long should I meditate?
Do I need a teacher?