Buddhism in the National Capital of Canada

Welcome to the Buddhism site for the National Capital of Canada, one of the first ever sites on Buddhism. This site contains information about local activities in Ottawa and the region as well as more links to sites around the world. Please feel free to send me comments/suggestions.

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 Local Maintained Information

An Overview of Buddhism by Mike Butler (long-ish article, 18K)
A Hypertext Guide to basic Buddhist teachings
Meditation Instructions on awareness of breathing, the foundations of mindfulness and kindness.
The Five Mindfulness Trainings by Thich Nhat Hahn
The Dharmapada: verses of Buddhist wisdom.
Photographs of renouned Buddhist teachers
Answers to frequently Asked Questions on Buddhism and meditation
Recommended Books
Glossary of Buddhist Terms

 Local Groups and Retreats

Ottawa Pagoda Sangha
Ottawa Buddhist Society
True North Insight
Buddhist groups in Ottawa
Buddhism in Canada

 Human Rights in Buddhist Countries

Buddhist Peace Fellowship
Tibetan Government in Exile
Free Burma Coalition
The Cambodian Genocide Program
Buddhism and Human Rights

 OnLine Buddhist Publications

Theravada Text Archives has translations of the Tripitka
Forest Sangha Newsletter from Amaravati Monastery
Tricycle Magazine
BuddhaDharma Magazine
Journal of Buddhist Ethics
Dharma Seed Tape Library

 Buddhist Publishing Houses

Snow Lion Publications
Parallax Press
Harper Collins

 Excellent Buddhist Sites...

Buddha Mind a great site for kids
DharmaNet International
Dzogchen Foundation
Vipassana Meditation

 ...And Practice Centres

Plum Village (Bordeaux, France)
Gaia House (Totnes, Devon)
Bhavana Society (West Virginia)
Insight Meditation Society (Barre, Mass)
Cambridge Insight Meditation Centre (Cambridge, Mass)
Birken Forest Monastery

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